In 1999, John Marino founded a company that would become synonymous with excellence in the trucking industry. The following year marked a pivotal moment in the company's history when John's brother, Vince Marino, joined and became a partner. Together they shared a common vision and dedication to the world of trucking. Driven by passion and dedication the brothers established the foundations of what is known as, Marino Bros Trans​port. 

Marino Bros Transport had its humble beginnings, starting with just a two vehicles in their fleet. With a 1983 8-ton Hino and a 12-ton Isuzu, they began servicing a small number of businesses in their local community. Despite the modest start, their commitment to providing good old-fashioned service quickly became evident. 

Word of mouth began to spread, and Marino Bros Transport earned a reputation for reliability, integrity, and outstanding service. The business grew steadily, fuelled by the trust and satisfaction of their loyal customers. 

What set Marino Bros Transport apart was not only their dedication to the industry but also their family-oriented approach. As a family-owned and operated business, they instilled their values and commitment into every aspect of their operation. It wasn't just a business; it was a way of life for the Marino family. 

Safety, sustainability, and growth were at the core of Marino Bros values. They didn't just aim to transport goods; they aimed to do so with the utmost care for safety, a deep sense of responsibility toward sustainability, and an unwavering dedication to growing and evolving in the industry. 

Over the years, Marino Bros Transport continued to expand, serving a broader range of businesses and industries while remaining true to their roots. Today, their legacy lives on, and their passion for trucking, dedication to service, and commitment to safety and sustainability continue to drive Marino Brother’s forward as an industry leader.